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Roseann Bennett On Using Many Diverse Therapy Methods

  Some people love to help others in getting their lives together, and one therapist has dedicated her career to this. Roseann Bennett created a charitable organization for people in need of therapy. The Center for Treatment and Assessment opened its doors in 2009 in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Roseann Bennett uses a diverse range of

Roseann Bennett Focuses On Solving Major Family Problems

  Roseann Bennett is amongst the most accomplished family therapists in the United States and is also the CEO and Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, which is a charity organization. The Center has always been a dream of Roseann Bennett since the time she started her career in family and relationship

Roseann Bennett On The Importance Of Affordable Mental Care

  The healthcare industry within the United States is one that is rife with criticisms, some just and others not so just, but the one common thread between them is this: people need the opportunity to find care for their needs. Roseann Bennett is a marriage and family therapist with more than a decade in

Roseann Bennett Innovative Canine-Assisted Therapy

There are multiple methods of therapy available, and some forms different of therapy you wouldn’t expect. Dogs are known as man’s best friend, one of our most loyal companions. We often don’t consider the health benefits they may provide. We’re attracted to them by their playful ways and amicable nature.   Roseann Bennett a therapist