The Success and History of Lime Crime’s Owner Doe Deere

Doe Deere’s innovative rainbow trends have earned her a title of ‘Queen of Unicorns’. It’s no coincidence that a funky cosmetic aspirant like her went ahead to see the success of her cosmetic brand Lime Crime. Certainly, the heavily pigmented sultry make up by Doe inspires many young women to explore her products. Hearing Doe’s success story from her is a charming opportunity for everyone to have confidence in their dreams. So what has been Miss Deere’s secret behind the growing success of Lime Crime in the beauty industry? Let’s continue reading to find out.


Deere was Born and raised in Russia and had only moved to the US at the age of 17. Her ambitions were originally tied to her interest in becoming a musician and so she pursued music when she moved to New York City. Learning the basics of a career from her experiences as a musician, Doe was accumulating skills along the way. She learned the art of marketing was to appreciate people coming to her event. She associates her 14 year long stay in the big apple city with her music band.


Her passion for fashion led her to major in the fashion design from FIT. Doe’s potential for makeup at this point was perhaps undiscovered, but her entrepreneurial skills had long been with her since the age of 13 when she sold temporary tattoos to her friends at school after popularizing them.


This isn’t all to Doe’s revelations. Her personal life is just as interesting. She met her husband in the band she was a part of, both as song writers hit it off really well. They promoted their band together, learning to collaborate in various respects.


Doe finds herself gravitated towards vibrant and funky, or better yet, unusual colors. She explains they weren’t novelty back in 2008 and were difficult to find, since the trends were pretty much just focused on natural colors. So she decided to innovate. She created her own bright colors and received an enthusiastic response from girls. This made the company profitable. Lime Crime gave Doe the freedom to be who she is and express herself in the way she wants. Her personality supplemented with colors is a reflection of who she is.


Lime Crime is a certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free brand, officially launched in 2008. Its big accomplishment has been to get the entire line certified cruelty-free by the most stringent certifier, the Leaping Bunny. Lime Crime caters to the emotional concerns of its customers and ensures animal rights aren’t violated. Lime Crime is nefarious when it comes to self expression – which must be as unapologetic as it can get. Lime Crime has undertaken the revolution of the makeup industry. It is one of the first digitally-native beauty brands. As a cult favorite in social and digital platforms, Lime Crime continues to set new standards. It’s Unicorn colored lipstick has become a must-have, and its vegan matte to dry liquid lipsticks, Velvetines, set the makeup world ablaze. Lime Crime has given bold makeup lovers their confidence back. Doe Deere has demonstrated her zeal for a personalized make up category by personally working side by side with a chemist ensuring her products were formulated with perfection. Lime Crime proudly announces its products as non transferable and crumble free.



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